Exhaustion a necessary component in training

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We humans are know for being good a doing just enough. Sometimes this amount is a little less than what would be good for us, we tend to skip certain things hoping we will find strength to rid them later. While relaxation is a very nice and good thing we all need to feel that our bodies have worked. This can be achieved in many ways and on a level that suites the individual. If you are a 90 year old grandma, maybe visiting a running store, gear up and Read MoreRead More

A healthy life gives a loving smile

Young Man Laughing

All humans are given a certain gift, it may differ how we give it and how much of it we can give. Most of the time we give this gift the best when we don´t know it or when we give it. To give a smile to the persons we encounter in our life’s is of course this gift and something we all, more or less want to.
Those who have much spiritual in them see and appreciate when does who leans towards it really tries. When others Read More

Sleeping a good way to a good Health


One of the fundamental things in life is to get propper rest, it´s essential to have a healty life. As most mamales gets the best rest during nightime we humans tend to be best of sticking to this rule to. However Which times that is considered night might be individual.
There are some of us which doesn´t like mornings so much and might like to stay in bed and get some extra
hours of sleep during the morning. These kind of people is likely enjoy a slow start of the day and Read More